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Where did it all go wrong?
Series in GENESIS starting on Sunday Morning,
9th June 

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Who we are...

We are a CHURCH. According to the Bible that does not mean a building, nor a denomination, but a group of Christians meeting together in a particular place. Our church is made up of ordinary people from all kinds of backgrounds yet with one thing in common - our lives have been changed by the Christian gospel. The word 'gospel' is a Bible word that simply means 'good news'.

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What we do...

At the heart of all our church activities is the teaching of the Bible, the Word of God. We aim to present the teaching of the Bible in a clear and contemporary manner. It is our conviction that when God's Word is explained, God's voice is heard.

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When we do it...
Sunday Worship @ 10.30 am & 6 pm
Prayer and Bible Study Meetings
Other Events...
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Regular Blog....

Click the pictute above to read a regular blog from our full time Elder, Ole Kristian Hunt.

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Information for Visitors

We can be found in south Ulverston on the Furness Peninsula.
The Church building is on the corner of Quebec Street and the A590.
Address including Postcode is:
Grace Baptist Church
Quebec Street
LA12 9AD

Hymn Books and Bible...
We use the NIV (2011) as our Bible Translation
We use the Praise hymnbook and a home grown book of worship hymns and songs