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Worship Services

We meet together as a local congregation of God’s people each Sunday at 10.30 am and 6 pm. The meetings are fairly simple, we sing hymns and songs, have a time of prayer and read the Bible. A major part of our worship is to listen to God’s word explained through the study of part of the Bible led by one our leadership team or a visiting speaker.
It is usually a good idea to arrive a little bit earlier in order to get hymn book, Bible and find a good seat. There is no dress code to worry about, simply dress comfortably. After the meeting, we normally have drinks, biscuits and an opportunity to chat informally.

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Mid-week Meetings

Each week we meet on a Wednesday evening to study the Bible in some more detail and in a less formal setting than our Sunday worship. These meetings give people the opportunity to discuss passages of the Bible and learn together about how to apply its teaching to our lives.
Our Wednesday meeting also enables us to get together for a time of prayer, which simply means that we talk to God, both in praise and in asking Him to help us, our community, our Country and specific people and situations.
Occasionally we will also have missionaries visit us and talk about their work. This is a great opportunity to hear about what God is doing in the world around us and encourage those who serve in the mission field. Talking of mission, each month one of the Bible Study and Prayer Meeting times is given over to mission work, often with a video from Grace Baptist Mission

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Other Activities

Care Homes: We visit a couple of Care Homes each month in order to hold short meetings where the Bible is read, hymns are sung and a short talk is given about what we have read in the Bible.

Smaller Groups: Also, we hold special monthly meeting for men and women. Again, these are fairly informal events where people can spend time together, studying God’s word and working out our lives together.

All these and other meetings are open to all who want to come along and find out about what it means to be Christian, to meet with us and to join us in worship of God.