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Come and join us on Saturday 21st July at 7pm for an evening with Barry King exploring the question "is God good?".
The Grace Baptist Partnership website states that "The partnership aims to bring together representatives of our various Grace Baptist constituencies for concerted prayer and joint endeavour in the area of church planting.
The organization’s name, Grace Baptist Partnership and its strap line explains it all.
“Grace” reflects the soteriology of the group. They joyfully affirm the doctrines of grace.
“Baptist” reflects the group’s ecclesiology. They unashamedly hold to Baptist distinctives including a baptised membership and a disciplined table.
“Partnership” reflects the group’s methodology. They desire true partnership in the gospel—one that recognizes the interdependence of the churches without sacrificing their independency.
The strap line, helping churches plant churches, clarifies that the partnership itself will not plant churches. Rather, it will use its experience in church planting to help churches plant churches in their respective areas and beyond."